Ashley Wheater

Artistic Director

Greg Cameron

Executive Director

Kathleen Hechinger

Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer


Gerard Charles, Director of Artistic Operations

Nicolas Blanc, Ballet Master/Principal Coach

Graca Sales, Ballet Master/Principal Coach

Company Administration & Production

Claude Binder, Director of Production

Kirsty Mackellar, Company Manager

Blair Baldwin, Artistic and Production Business Administrator

Katherine Selig, Principal Stage Manager

Amanda Heuermann, Stage Manager

Marianne Marks, Head of Wardrobe

Gregg Benkovich, Shoe Manager

Alicja Klosek, Head of Hair & Make-up

Brady Jarvis, Head Electrician

Bryan Schoettle, Head Carpenter

Gregg Moeller, Head Props

Brian Stream, Master Sound Engineer

Marybeth Cave, Assistant Electrician

Steven Lange, Flyman


Sarai Hoffman, Chief Development Officer

Petrina Arneson, Women's Board Coordinator

Julia Doherty, Development Director

Chelsea Lyman, Special Events Manager

Allie McCarthy, Assistant Director of Individual Giving

Anne Puotinen, Interim Development Manager

Dan Toot, Development Assistant


Brian Smith, Chief Marketing Officer

Colene Byrd, Director of Sales & Patron Services

Vicki Crain, Marketing Associate

Sarah Fiala, Marketing Director

Claire Kaiser, Patron Services Associate

Herbert Migdoll, Director of Special Projects

Maggie Miller, Group Sales Manager

Casey Peek, Patron Services & Marketing Associate

Alisa Phillips, Patron Services Associate

Connor Pickett, Patron Services Associate

Finance & Operations

Kathleen Hechinger, Deputy Director & Chief Financial Officer

Whitney Augustine, Controller

Paul Key, Director of Technology

John Kurtz, Director of Facility Operations

Christine O'Brien, Board Manager and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Amy Wicklund, Director of Human Resources

Erin Winkler, Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator


Scott Speck, Music Director

Paul James Lewis, Principal Pianist/Music Administrator

Grace Kim, Company Pianist

Russell Vinick, Cover Conductor


Alexei Kremnev, Academy Artistic Director

Anna Reznik, Academy Artistic Director

Karine Provost, Academy Managing Director

Karin Ellis-Wentz, Academy Faculty

Anna Frient, Communications and Relations Coordinator

Katerina Herder, Academy Production Manager

Bridget Holmes, Academy Associate

Casey Mang, Student Services Manager

Community Engagement

Erica Lynette Edwards, Director of Community Engagement

A.J. Gaither, Community Engagement Business Administrator

Willy Shives, Community Engagement Coordinator

Michael Smith, Community Engagement Coordinator

Linda Swayze, Community Engagement Coordinator