Culture Vultures

November 1, 2012
Chicago Reader
Asher Klein


Laura Przybysz, Office Manager of Big City Swing, is wowed by:

Joffrey Ballet's Human Landscapes I recommend that anyone who can should attend this season of the Joffrey Ballet. The dancing is impeccable and very strong, the choreography is very interesting, and they highlight choreography from all over the world in several different eras within the modern period. It's thematically interesting: called Human Landscapes, it's about people, bodies, and how people interact with each other. The last piece is about death. Well, it's not about death, it's about other things too, but Death is a character and he's very, very scary. It's called the "Green Table" and it's from the First World War, by Kurt Jooss. It's almost overwhelming, all the raw talent on display. It was especially cool because the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel himself, was at this performance. He gave a curtain speech about arts programming in schools.