Hubbard Street Dance Chicago follows Joffrey Ballet, goes Groupon

September 15, 2010
Time Out Chicago
Zachary Wittenburg


Perhaps prodded by the Joffrey Ballet’s recent success with Groupon, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago has followed suit with an offer on the site today.

Groupon shows 664 of the deals sold as of 11:40am: one ticket at the $94 level for a little over half-off ($45) to either the company’s Fall or Winter Series at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park.

Look here for a memory-jog of what’s on tap for those programs. Updates are the addition of Alejandro Cerrudo’s Deep Down Dos and new Blanco to the Fall Series (opening September 30), and the reschedule of Ohad Naharin’s Tabula Rasa to Winter (beginning December 2).

The Joffrey Ballet moved 2,338 season subscriptions (excluding The Nutcracker) on August 18, increasing its subscriber base by 50% and inviting speculation as to how many of those were poached from would-be single-ticket buyers and whether the company would retain those customers for its 2011–12 season. Regardless of how it fares, Hubbard Street will at least add more data to the discussion, and probably cork the single-ticket choices of procrastinating peeps.