Joffrey Ballet to Help Marriott Hotel Train Employees

September 5, 2014
Maria Jean Sullivan


The JW Marriott hotel and resort chain takes to the Joffrey Ballet for help with training employees.

The employee training that started last Saturday features tips on warming up, breathing technique and the flow of movement and connecting with the audience. The training on customer service is delivered through a four part short video series. The main purpose of the new training protocol is to improve guests' experience.

"Proper breathing; working through tight spaces; how you connect with an audience are the items we really capture in the videos that can apply to associates from servers to housekeepers to a bellman," said Mitzi Gaskins, vice president and global brand manager for JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts at Marriott International.

Poise & Grace, the training program is the product of a 2-year-old partnership when JW Marriott's Loop location began working Joffrey on events. A typical event with the Marriott and Joffrey is their "Nutcracker"-themed hot chocolate serving, featuring several ballet dancers to entertain the guests.

"It extends the Joffrey's brand and provides important visibility nationally and internationally," said a representative from Joffrey.

The partnership is a positive for Joffrey as well. The JW Marriott Chicago location provides complimentary rooms for dancers and choreographers.

The training videos feature Joffrey artistic director Ashley Wheater and will be played during daily shift briefings, as well as an app.

Watch below as Ashley Wheater explains the importance of proper breathing.