More Hotel Christmas Trees From Around The World

December 10, 2010
Hotel Chatter
Jennifer Kester


Hotels are getting in a holiday mood! Usually around this time, we spotlight all the delicious holiday cocktails that hotels concoct for the season. Don't worry, we're not giving up the booze, but we are keeping tabs on all the wonderful, wild, and in some cases, weird Holiday Hotel Decorations that hotels put up this year. Seen some great holiday decor in a hotel recently? tips [at] hotelchatter [dot] com (Send us a snapshot!)

Call us cheesy, but we can't help but get all excited inside when we see holiday decorations in their gaudy glory all around town. And hotels often have the best displays, with big honkin' trees and lights galore, like these hotel trees from around the world*.

Well, it appears that you've all got that same holiday spirit, because we have been getting boatloads of hotel Christmas tree pictures like this one above from the Four Seasons Chicago.

"The Nutcracker" isn't a new Christmastime decor theme by any means, but the Four Seasons is giving it a local twist by dangling autographed ballet slippers from the Joffrey Ballet on its tree branches. Of course, there are nutcrackers and glittery ornaments on the tannenbaum as well, but the pretty pink shoes stand out in the red-heavy tree and make it stand tippy-toes above others. If you want to see the tree in person, rooms start at $345 a night.