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Social Studies: Joffrey Ballet dazzles San Antonio San Antonio, TX My San Antonio March 20, 2013
A Gorgeous Ballerina Ditches Her Tutu For Serious Style Jeraldine Mendoza Refinery29 March 18, 2013
A Reconstruction Of ‘The Rite Of Spring’ As The Infamous Ballet Turns 100 WBUR The Artery March 15, 2013
Review: 'The Rite of Spring' still holds power a century later in Joffrey Ballet March 15, 2013
Joffrey Ballet displays exquisite artistry Greenville,SC Greenville Online March 12, 2013
LaQuan Smith, Fashion Designer, Creates 'Black Iris' Costume For The Joffrey Ballet Winning Works The Huffington Post March 12, 2013
Joffrey Ballet showcases works with a modern twist Greenville,SC Greenville Online March 9, 2013
Providence to host Joffrey's Rite of Spring The Examiner March 8, 2013
Joffrey Ballet Presents New, Winning Works From Choreographers Of Color Winning Works Chicagoist March 8, 2013
The Joffrey's Choreographers of Color Winning Works WBEZ 91.5 Online March 7, 2013
In Joffrey Ballet's Rite of Spring, nothing is wrong Omaha, NE March 4, 2013
Ashley Wheater from the Joffrey Ballet Chicago Ashley Wheater Haute Living March 4, 2013
Joffrey brings original ‘Rite of Spring’ back to life The Austin American-Statesman March 2, 2013
Joffrey shows sterling technique, virtuosity Lincoln, NE Lincoln Journal Star March 2, 2013
Joffrey Ballet celebrates 'The Rite of Spring' centennial West Lafayette, IN The Purdue Exponent February 28, 2013
Joffrey Ballet celebrates 100th anniversary of 'The Rite of Spring' Lincoln, NE Lincoln Journal Star February 28, 2013
Recess, tutus and Frank Sinatra at the Joffrey's 'American Legends' American Legends The Daily Northwestern February 28, 2013
Joffrey Ballet to revive groundbreaking 'Rite of Spring' at Elliott Hall JC Online February 28, 2013
Joffrey Ballet at the Orpheum Minneapolis,MN Star Tribune February 27, 2013