Cathy Marston



Cathy Marston is an award-winning choreographer, Artistic Director, and Clore Cultural Leadership Fellow. After an education in Cambridge, she spent two years at the Royal Ballet School, before launching a successful international career now spanning twenty-five years.

Marston’s great gift is to join artistic dots, creating form for stories, emotions, and ideas. She inherited a passion for literature from her English-teacher parents and is often drawn to explore narrative through dance. 


As Associate Artist of the Royal Opera House from 2002-2007, she created a critically acclaimed interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts, among other works. During her six-year tenure (2007-2013) directing the Bern Ballet in Switzerland, her British ‘respect for the playwright’ became influenced by the ideas of German ‘Director’s Theatre’, resulting in her unique, hybrid signature. Lending new perspectives to old narratives in her versions of Jane Eyre (Northern Ballet / ABT / The Joffrey Ballet), Dangerous Liaisons (Royal Danish Ballet), Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Les Grands Ballets Canadians), or in her historically-inspired Witch-hunt (Bern Ballet) and Victoria (Northern Ballet/National Ballet of Canada): all are examples of her danced-stories, distilled to their essence and displaying high-quality technique and unflinching expressive integrity.


Marston partners both with large companies such as San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and The Royal Ballet as well as smaller ensembles such as Ballet Black in the UK. Marston’s recent work for this company, The Suit, won the National Dance Award for Best Classical Choreography (2018). Her choreography has been performed in ten countries, by over forty companies, in theatres such as the Metropolitan Opera House (NY), the Royal Opera House (London), The Kennedy Centre (Washington DC), Sadlers Wells (London) and the Grand Teatro Alica Alonso (Havana), as well as filmed for cinema and television.