Leila Henry



Leila Henry has been dancing since the age of 11, and specializes in hip hop, street jazz, and jazz funk. Henry has begun to develop her personal style, which is a quirky fusion of hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance. Henry is a 2011 graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with a BFA in dance. Throughout her college career, she has choreographed for numerous dance groups on campus such as Dance2XS UIUC and Omnimov Dance Troupe, and has had the pleasure of working with numerous choreographers. Leila Henry has also showcased her choreography in the University of Illinois’ dance departmental show Studio Dance II, earning her the Emerging Choreographic Voice award for her hip hop solo Wake Up. Currently, Henry teaches master classes for various hip hop dance companies in Chicago, and is an active member of the dance group Puzzle League. Leila Henry believes it is important for dancers to understand that dance is not just a series of steps, but a powerful form of artistic expression, an emotional outlet, and a universal language.