Nicole Scatchell



Nicole Scatchell, born and raised in Chicago, received a BA in Dance along with a minor in Business from Columbia College Chicago. Nicole continued her education at the University of Milwaukee, WI where she received her certification to teach Dance K-12 in public schools. Nicole has been trained from a young age in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Early in her career, Nicole furthered her training under the direction of Jefferson Baum, which led her to perform throughout Europe with the International Ballet Ensemble. Nicole has been a teaching artist in Chicago Public Schools since 2007, where she shares the belief that the arts have a unique power to motivate children and young adults towards excellence. Nicole is the lead teaching artist and program developer of Chicago Dance Institute, a not for profit organization that uses Dance as a vehicle to teach children life skills, and places Dance into the curriculum of both public and private schools.


Nicole works as a teaching artist with River North Dance Chicago, After School Matters, Zephyr Dance, Chicago Ballet Center, Encore Dance Center, Chicago Dance Institute, and the Joffrey Ballet Community Education Program. Nicole continues to further her teaching skills under the training of master teaching artists of National Dance Institute in New York City. She has danced professionally with Zephyr Dance, BONEdanse, and has worked with choreographers such as Peter Carpenter, Jimmy Orrante, Reggie Wilson, Jan Bartosek, Tammy Thomas, David Dorfman, Ellen Werksman, Sean France, Jeff Hanncock, Linda Graham, and Zuri Goldman. Nicole has performed professionally for audiences in Chicago, Indiana, New York, Italy, France, and Germany. Nicole plans to continue to be an advocate of arts education, as well as further her career as a dancer and performer.