Pilar Audain Reed



Pilar Audain Reed, a Former Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control, was blessed with the opportunity to pursue her true passion, art & dance. Pilar’s experience as an interpretive dancer trails all the way back to high school, where she danced with Wato Seta West African Dance Ensemble. It was during this time that Pilar learned to blend her native West Indian dances with West African dance, also incorporating modern dance to create her own form of interpretive movement. Throughout her academic career at the University of Illinois, Pilar worked on the side teaching youth in Southern Illinois her artform. In 2000, Pilar became the feminine addition to Prince Saleem and the Jam Masters Quartet, where she provided interpretive dance, vocals and spoken word on weekend performances. She later had the honor of travelling the country doing the same with Vibe N’ Verse, a spoken word band founded by Performance Poet Reggie Gibson from the movie Love Jones. Pilar’s many artistic talents have found notoriety on HGTV, 190 North, WGN and many other media outlets, and in 2009 she was honored by the Dove/Unilever Real Women, Real Beauty Campaign for her  contribution to the world of Art and movement. Pilar currently runs a shop in the Glenwood Avenue Arts District and mentors pregnant and/or parenting aspiring artists.